How do I order cakes?

Head over to our collections page and select the cake you'd like to order. Fill out the form and submit your order. We aim to get back to you within 2 business days.

How much notice is required when placing an order?

3 weeks notice is preferable, however, we cannot guarantee that this timeframe will secure you a spot. Ideally we advise that you place your order as soon as you can to avoid disappointment for your required date.

We also require full payment of invoice to confirm your collection date.

How do I cut my cake?

Every cake will come with a cake cutting guide and a diagram with detailed 'How to' instructions that is specific to your cake size and type.

Do I pick up or do you deliver?

Both options are available! Pick up is from West Croydon, 5008, SA.

Delivery can be organised with advance notice, charges start from $40. Surcharge of $1/km if outside of 10km radius.

Outside of 25km of West Croydon will incur return drive fee.

Shoot us an email for a delivery quote.

What payment method is accepted?

All payments are via direct deposit - bank details will be given in final invoice. Invoices have to be fully paid/verified to confirm required date for cake collection.

Change of collection date or cancellation?

Date changes are allowed up to a week's notice.

We won't charge if cancellations via email are made within 3 weeks notice of cake collection.
If cancellation is made within 2 weeks notice, we will charge 50% of cake cost; within 1 week notice, we will charge 100% of cake cost.

*Please appreciate that we are a small business. We will try to be as accomodating as we can, but we do also have other commitments to prioritise.

How do I transport / store my cake safely?

Our cakes come with cake boxes, for your peace of mind, while transporting. We recommend a passenger holiding the cake if possible. If you don't have a mate handy on collection date, a flat surfaced boot or the floor of your front seat of your car, is your next best choice.

For best cake longevity, please store cakes in the provided cake box or in an airtight container or securely cling-wrapped in your fridge (0-4C).